Envision earth restored to its prime natural state. No more man made changes or structures .. all defusioned to return to its basic elements, only better . Envision every single flora and fauna to exist in its original habitat... every animal in its natural home... envision true ecological balance in purest form...this planet an optimal pulsating green lung sustaining prime humane race hovering over earth in their super space homes built on natural laws of intelligence... in total equilibrium with existence.. ultimately humanised earth beings whose sole existence is about cultivating intelligence and pulsating along universal rhythm and play. Living with simple basic needs.. at peace..... free from heaven or hell of the constant auto chattering of human mind... the mind used only as tool to perform necessary actions instead of the senseless autorun and creating of unnecessary turmoil, humans freed at last from chambers of tortures that had held them since the beginning of time..... embrace these visions.... it is inevitably EARTH'S FUTURE ...

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Life plays because it just does....

Why... why not?

The universe changes, life doesnt remain the same... why?? Because it just does.

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