Envision earth restored to its prime natural state. No more, man made changes or structures that only led to human race to destruction. Envision, all entanglements and confusions, distangled and defusioned to return to its basic elements, only better, finer.. free of mutations and diseases ...all pollutions deconstructed, stabilised... caused once by human ignorance who finally realised. Envision every single flora and fauna to exist in its original habitat..vibrant, totally alive.... every animal in its natural home ...fully alive, primal instincts fully in motion. Envision true ecological balance in purest form...this planet an optimal pulsating green lung... sustaining all life... sustaining prime humane race hovering over earth in their newer space homes built on natural laws of existence and intelligence... in total equilibrium..life giving life to each other.. ultimately humanised fine tuned earth beings whose sole existence is about cultivating higher intelligence, humanity, compassion and love for all, free of prejudices and differences..merging along universal rhythm and play. Living with simple basic needs.. at peace, at ease..... free from heaven or hell of the constant auto chattering of human mind... the mind used only as tool to perform necessary actions, no more senseless autorun and inferior programmings...no more self-creating of unnecessary turmoil. Envision, humans freed at last from chambers of tortures within their consciousness that had held them captive since the beginning of time, freed of the cycle of misery that gnawed at their humanity..it is time..for every journey has its destiny... embrace these visions.... it is inevitably EARTH'S FUTURE ...

Thursday, July 7, 2016

One Soul, Three Lives

1871 Kasi

Kajal quickly checked herself in the old polished copper mirror hanging on the earthen walls. Huge expressive grey eyes stood out in a rosy oval face. The temple bells began to ring from beyond. Twitching her pretty little nose at herself, she grabbed the basket of marigold garlands she had picked in the morning and lovingly woven since afternoon. Lifting the folds of her well-worn peacock green pavadai,  she dashed out of her home she shared with her mother since her father's death five years ago.

Dainty feet adorned with silver anklets lightly skipped along river Ganga. Tales told to her by her late grandmother about this great river momentarily flashed past her mind. Her ancestors believed the river fell from the heavens onto Shiva's head just to break her immense power as not to sweep earth away. This evening Mother Ganga was a shimmering gold as the sun set beyond the western side of the temple walls. The atmosphere was ethereal and spiritual at the same time.  Kajal, sixteen years and all, made a delightful picture which she was totally unaware of. Promises of youth and the distant future was there in her lovely grey eyes.

Sundar 'saw' her coming even before he actually saw her with his eyes. His mind was always sharply attuned to her presence. Sometimes it played dirty little tricks on him for he was also 'seeing' even when she was not there. But tonight she was coming alright, she was always right on time for the evening puja with her marigold garlands. As always his wretched heart started pumping in his chest, totally out of his control. He knew whatever he felt for that girl is no ordinary infatuation, but some something very deep and very timeless, of which he had no will over. But how can a thirty year old orphaned temple boy with an ambigous past win the hands of the only daughter of a brahmin head priest, even if the latter was already dead... he was filled with despair.

Kajal ran up the steps, the silver bells in her anklets chiming off behind her, an intoxicating fragrance of sandal paste on her skin and jasmine flowers in her glorious, braided hair wafted around her. She handed the garland to the temple boy and he nearly dropped it. She giggled and quickly covered it for she knew he wouldn't like it. He was always the oversensitive Sundar, everyone knew how touchy he was. Very quiet fella who rarely looked at anyone he had to speak to, sometimes she felt quite sorry for him when he suffered at the hands of the senior priests. And then she quickly forgot about him as she went to take her place in the line gathering at the altar for the puja had begun.


1991 Kuala Lumpur

At a crossroad of her life, Kia had to decide whether she was to stay put with maternal family or take a chance with her paternal relations. Having lived without a father for 20 years, she was curious just how different things could be. Her maternal grandmother though was not happy to let her go. Her mother as usual had no say, as long as she was left in peace, free from encumbrances of the real world to dwell within the walls of misery she has built around herself, all her life. Which eventually sealed Kia's decision to leave against her grandmother's disapproval. Who cares. She was not going to lose any maternal love anytime soon. Her mother has regarded her as a burden and a shame ever since the day of her conception. For some reason, her mother had carried on the pregnancy even as her father had left for Turkey on a money making scheme which had finally seen him a decade in Turkish horror cells. It was only later in her life she came to realise that the only reason her mother had clung on to her was to wring revenge for what her father had done to her, on his offspring in her cleverly hidden twisted ways. And there at the same time, fate was preparing for Kia a few interesting knocks and twists, which was hurling down her way as she prepared to leave, not unlike a modern day female version tale of Karna, the bastard son of Kunti the mother of the five Pandavas, who was doomed from birth because of the shameful nature of his conception.

Why bastard children are always doomed in Indian stories only? Is her life doomed too?



Vida looked over the cliff at the blue crystal dome glowing in the dawn light which now has become her second home. And then she looked up at her skyhome, little points of light were darting about between the big homeships an indication that the young ones were getting started for the day and she had a lot of things planned for them as they were now ready for the next level. As the cool sunlight broke over the horizon, now much more brilliant than it was, Vida closed her eyes and turned within, and her body immediately lifted and flashed towards the blue dome.


Kasi 1876

He hurled her to the ground in disgust, her saree came undone to reveal scars and bruises on her body. As usual Kajal had managed to make him mad just by her mere meek presence. She held hard for her tears not to fall but cursing her mother as she had done in the last 5 years for marrying her off to this monster. All because her mother wanted to cover the shame over what had happened to Sundar. It was no Kajal's fault if he had foolishly ended his life after her rejected him. He had freaked her with his constant staring and stalking. After he hung himself within the temple walls, Sundar's long lost mother had appeared from nowhere and pointed her dirty fingers at Kajal, accusing her of murdering her son. A big scene had taken place in the village in front of her home, she cursing Kajal to doom. Then she left with her son's lifetime savings and never came back, just like she had done when she had first abandoned Sundar as a two day old infant because he was born when the stars were afflicted for her husband's life. Kajal's mother on the other hand had not managed to forget the episode. To add to her chagrin, neighbours had looked away and whispered. She was a brahmin priest wife who had lived in quiet dignity since he husband's demise and now she felt dishonoured. Her only immediate remedy was to marry Kajal off to a distant uncle who had been eyeing her ever since she came off age who was 30 years older than her whose first wife had mysteriously run away. He had sneered at her on their wedding night, calling her a defiled woman and that he was doing a favour for his widowed cousin by marrying her and had violently taken her thereafter and all the nights that came.


1997 KL

What the hell was she doing here in the first place, Kia thought to herself. Something was just not right. The place, the people, especially the underlying uneaseness she felt in her bones about the whole thing. She suppressed it though for Raj was by her side and to certain extent she was safe. Kia has always had a certain level of foreboreding of certain things about to unfold in her future but has not particularly sure of  what to expect and what to avoid.

"Vanakam master, ive brought you some new people for the class" declared Chandra quite proudly to a stodgy man standing against the door jamb.