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SPM 2009 English Essay Tips-Part 2

One word essay.

His name was Moon . No one knew why how he got that name. He didn’t have any parents. He didn’t have any family. Our village head, Darus, saw him crying by the village roadside 70 years ago. He was only around 3 years old then. He only wore a torn short when Darus found him under a tree. It was raining that day. When Darus asked his name, the boy only said one word, ‘Moon’. Moon was shivering in the cold. He was very thin and looked like he hadn’t eaten for a few days.

Darus took him home and Minah, Darus’s wife fed him rice and salted fish. Together they already had eight children and they were poor. They only survived from the paddy field and the small farm they owned. Sometimes they hardly had enough food for themselves.

But Darus and his wife were very kind hearted. They had no heart to send this little boy away. So Moon stayed with Darus’s family all his life. They tried to change his name but Moon refused to answer to any other name. He was close to Minah and used to follow her everywhere. But for the first 10 years he never spoke at all to anyone. He ate only when he wanted to, he slept out in the verandah and he didn’t like anyone to touch him.

When he was 13, he followed Minah to the paddy field to collect ‘siput’. It was then a huge python crept up behind Minah and Moon had screamed ‘ibuuuuuuuuu!’ and saved Minah. After that, everyone in the village had praised him for his bravery. Slowly Moon opened up to everybody. He started to smile a lot too.

The only thing he liked doing was to carve. From small pieces of wood, he would carve out little figurines. First they were rough, child’s work but as he grew up they become masterpieces of art. Otherwise he helped Darus in his paddy field. Time passed very fast. Moon grew up to be a short sturdy man who spoke little but smiled a lot.

One day a tourist bus broke down near their village. The tourists were from United States and Europe. They had walked around the village while waiting for their bus to be repaired. As they wandered around they had met Moon sitting under a tree and carving a beautiful work of art. They were impressed and offered to buy all of Moon’s carving. One of them was a rich businessman from Texas. He decided to market Moon’s carvings in America.

Moon became famous. He was even invited to US to promote his work. The villagers were very proud of him. Moon had made their village famous all over the world. With his money, Moon helped open a business in the village and trained many villages in the carving. In just a few years the villagers became very rich from the wood carving export.

Moon came back from America five years later. He said he was happy in the village. His life was there. Moon never got married or had any family of his own. He gave all his money to Darus’s family and anyone who needed his help. He continued staying in Darus’s old house even after Darus and Minah passed away and all their children left to get married.

When he was 73 someone found him under the same tree where Darus found him 70 years ago. It was a cold rainy right. He was dead. He had his carving knife in his hands. As the villagers carried him home to be buried, the sky cleared suddenly and a full moon shined brightly. Moon’s face, though he was dead, looked so peacefully that it made them cry. The little boy who came from nowhere and helped their village had finally left them.

A 'sad' themed essay

Lily was born blind. Her father left when she was born. He couldn’t accept the fact his child was blind. But her mother loved her very much. She loved her so much that whatever Lily wanted, her mother gave her. Her mother gave her the best. Eventually Lily got used to getting things her way which made her a bit self-centered.

Years went by and Lily grew up to be a young woman. Lily went to a special school for the blind to learn Braille. Her mother worked very hard to finance Lily’s education. One day her mother fell ill and passed away. But she left Lily with enough money to be independent. Lily was quite good at her studies that she even managed to get a job as a telephone operator. At her workplace she met a young man named Sean. Sean fell in love with Lily. He loved her very much that he was willing to die for her.

One day a friend invited them to attend a seminar together. The seminar was specially conducted for blind people. It was about new methods and discoveries to aid blind people. One of the speakers was an eye surgeon who was experimenting on a latest surgery procedure to restore eyesight. But his procedure needed a voluntary eye donator and the waiting list for donated organs was already very long.

When they went home Sean spoke to Lily. He asked her whether she wanted to have the operation. Lily said she wanted it but she dare not hope at all that she would see again. Nevertheless Sean urged her to sign up for the procedure.

One week later, Lily received a telephone call from an eye clinic. They said that can help Lily to see again. They told her that they had an eye donator. Lily was ecstatic, she couldn’t believe the news.

The next day Lily went in for the surgery. Sean came to wish her luck. They held hands for sometime before she was taken into the surgery room.

All went well. The doctor told Lily that she would be able to remove her bandages in two weeks time. Once she removed them, she would be able to see.

For two weeks, Sean came to see her everyday. He brought her favourite food and kept her company. Then it was time to remove the bandages. As the doctor removed them, he told Lily to be open her eyes carefully.

Slowly Lily opened her eyes. They hurt a little. Then she saw some light. It was all so strange for her. She had never seen light. She blinked her eyes. Then she was able to see figures in front of her. Sean and the doctor were standing there watching her. It was then Lily learnt that Sean was blind like she had been. Somehow she felt a disappointment in her heart.

Weeks passed by and. Lily learnt to live a new life with eyesight. She was very happy that she can see again. But she began to feel uncomfortable being with Sean. She didn’t like that he was blind.

Then Valentine ’s Day came. Sean asked Lily to marry him but Lily refused his proposal. She told him that after being blind herself for so many years she cannot think of a life with a blind man. Sean was heartbroken but he left and never came back. Lily married another man and lived happily.

Five years later, Lily met Sean’s friend, John on a street. He told her that Sean was knocked down by a car five years ago and had died. Before John left, he told Lily, ‘Take care of your eyes, Lily, because before they were your eyes, they were Sean’s.”

A 'thriller' themed essay

Leela was in terrible pain. She regretted waiting so long before seeing a doctor. She thought it was just a stomach cramp but it turned out to be acute appendicitis. The doctors needed to operate on her before it was too late. She was very worried and she hated hospitals.

Her ward room mate, Jenny, a young Sabahan girl comforted her. Jenny told her not to worry about her surgery the next day. Everything will go well, she said. The hospital had the best doctors and staff. They shared a first class room together and spent some time talking that first night Leela was there before she fell asleep.

Early the next morning, the nurses came in to prepare Leela for her operation. It was lunch by the time she came out of surgery. The doctors kept her in the observation room until evening before returning her to her room. Weak from the surgery and anesthetic, Leela feel asleep. In the middle of the night, Leela woke up, feeling very thirsty. She turned to her bedside table to reach for a bottle of mineral water.

Then she heard Jenny asking her if she needed help. Jenny was awake too. They spoke again for a while. Jenny asked her how she was feeling and Leela told her that she was still had pains in her stomach. Jenny lifted her hand and placed it on Leela’s stomach. Leela felt it cool and comforting. Slowly Leela drifted back to sleep.

Leela was awakened by her family the next morning. Then the nurses came to check on her and advised her to get more sleep. By evening the doctors decided Leela was ready to leave. As her family helped her to pack her things, Leela asked a nurse where Jenny was. The nurse gave her a funny look and said Jenny has been taken for surgery just like her.
Leela requested the nurse to thank Jenny for her and the nurse hurried away.

Three months later. Leela’s colleague, Khatijah was admitted after a serious car accident in the same hospital. That evening Leela and another colleague went to visit her. Her family was there by her bedside. Their faces were somber and a man was seated there looking dejected. Leela recognized him as Khatijah’s husband, Ahmad. Khatijah’s condition was serious and she is not expected to live through the night, said Ahmad in tears.

Leela felt so sorry for them that she and her friend decided to stay a while longer into the night. As she was talking to Ahmad, from the corner of her eyes, she saw a figure slip out of Khatijah’s room from afar. The figure looked so familiar. She excused herself and hurried after the person. ‘Jenny!’ she called out. The person did not turn back. “Jenny!” Leela called out again. She was sure it was Jenny and couldn’t understand why Jenny didn’t acknowledge her. She saw Jenny turn and enter another room. When Leela approached the room, she opened the door but there was no one inside. Strange, she thought. She turned around and nearly bumped into someone.

‘Jenny!’ Jenny was standing behind her. Leela asked Jenny what she was doing there. Jenny told her she was also visiting a sick friend. So Leela told her about Khatijah. Jenny looked sad. She told Leela that the doctors had tried their best but Khatijah had passed away. Leela started to tell Jenny that Khatijah was still alive and not passed away but Jenny was already leaving her side. At the same time, Leela heard a commotion down the hall near Khatijah’s room. She rushed down the hall. Khatijah had passed away and Ahmad was distraught. But Leela was shocked. How did Jenny know? She was sad for Khatijah’s demise but the thought of Jenny refused to go away.

She quickly walked to the nurses’ counter and asked a nurse there if she could talk to her. She then related her experience. The nurse looked at her and smiled slowly. She told Leela was one of the lucky ones who had survived a serious surgery with Jenny’s help. The ward staff all knew about Jenny. She had been one of the nurses there ten years ago. She was one of their best nurses, very caring and committed. Unfortunately she had died when the ambulance she was traveling in crashed. Jenny had died in the line of duty. But she had never left the ward. Periodically she ‘visited’ patients to heal and comfort them. Yes, they all knew about Jenny.

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