Monday, October 20, 2008

Achi Muruku

This sweet muruku has adopted some Malay names in the recent past.. such as kuih loyang, kuih ros, kuih goyang.. i don't know what more but it is no doubt Achi Murukku. Not really my favourite though but i represent the minority here. It is a must-have for Deepavali in many households.

Apparently, if the batter (a mixture of rice/gram flour, coconut milk, sugar and soda) is too thin or too thick.. you won't get it wanted a vegetarian version hence no eggs..which made it a bit more trickier to fry.

The mould must be dipped into really boiling oil for 30 seconds or so before dipping into the batter so it sticks. You probably need more than a mould if you want to finish before Deepavali. ;) At this stage I was wondering whether our grandmothers had so much time on their hands. Gawds.. they were Superwomans!

There.. once inside the oil, you need to have 'nimble' lady muscles to shake that i meant dainty thing off the mould. Why not, go ahead, have fun! I'll pass...for now.;)

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